World of Waffles – The best world to be in

World of Waffles – The best world to be in
World of Waffles is one of the few places in the city serving some good Waffles. Waffle has become an increasingly famous dessert recently. People going crazy over waffles. World of Waffles is one of the places that was in the city before all the other outlets came and started the sea of madness for Waffles for the public. Waffle has also become one of the top choices for me when it comes to dessert.

World of Waffles is situated as a small outlet in one of the happening malls in Vadodara – Inorbit Mall. This mall’s food court is one of the most crowded places in the city. With many different food shops there, this cute little outlet sits right at the starting of the court.

World of Waffles have a good variety in waffles to select from. They serve waffles in three different sizes – quarter, half and full. Apart from this, they have two different base options – regular base and brownie base. With a wide range of flavors to choose from, World of Waffles serve some pretty good, tasty waffles. The Waffles are also hot & delicious at a reasonable price.

Food ordered –

Brownie Express: (₹150) Chocolate and brownie have always been one of the better combinations. Crumbled brownie topped on fresh grilled waffle tastes just the correct amount of sweet. Above all, dark chocolate sauce added on the top makes things perfect.

Fudge Feelings: (₹140) When chocolate gets overloaded on anything, how could it not be awesome? And when a waffle is filled with chocolate, need I say more? With the perfect blend of chocolate ganache and chocolate fudge, this waffle is one of the best in the menu. And finally it gets served with a vanilla scoop. A must try. Recommended.

Nutella Nudge: (₹150) Nutella! Who possibly doesn’t like Nutella? Hot, grilled waffle when filled with Nutella would make it pure delightful. A Nutella person or not, you should not miss this one from the menu. And to make things perfect, get this waffle in brownie base.

Overall, one good place in town that serves some awesome waffles. At the downside, one thing that I didn’t like much – they served waffle and ice cream separate; unlike how some other places serve.

Price range : ₹₹₹

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World of Waffles






Value for money



  • Wide variety in menu
  • Sauces served in abundance


  • Waffle and ice cream served separately
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