Velvet Bakers – A cozy place for good food

Velvet Bakers – A cozy place for good food
Velvet Bakers was one of the newly opened shop that I was looking forward to visit. At one of the places in the city with young crowd, Velvet Bakers is one cafe that couldn’t be kept unnoticed. Velvet Bakers was just the cafe with a cozy and spaced sitting arrangements. A place for a nice chilled out evening.

So it had been a hectic week at work and we were dying for a good place to eat at. As the hand hour touched 6 we started packing up our things. We were in a search of a place where we could go and hang out for a long time, a place where we could relax and get relieved of the tension built up the whole week. So Velvet Bakery it was.

Just as you enter, there is a display of all the bakery items that they make. Just a quick glance at that display would make your taste buds active. The menu at Velvet Bakers was quite interesting too, with different varieties in fast food as well as desserts.

Food ordered –

Exotic Veg Paradise: (169₹) A make your own pizza? Yeah who wouldn’t like that, right? A menu with different options of sauces and toppings to select from. Now being a pizza lover, ordering a pizza is simply irresistible. A thin based pizza with jalapeno, veggies and cheese dripping all over! This was a delight to have.

Garlic Bread: (119₹) The next thing that we had was the cheesy, soft garlic bread; well that was what we were expecting. We were a little bit disappointed with this one. Not that it was bad or anything, but we had a little more expectation. The bread was not that soft and the taste of garlic was more than required.

Lava Cake with Ice Cream: (159₹) Ah, hot chocolate cake with vanilla scoop on top of it. What’s not to like! I had heard appreciations of the desserts from this place. And man, did they live up to the mark. This dessert was the best thing to end the day with. The combination of brownie with hot chocolate and vanilla created a blast of flavors and successfully satisfied the taste buds. Recommended.

Price Range : ₹₹₹

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Happy Eating!


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Velvet Bakery








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  • Good Ambience
  • Desserts
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