Swagat Sweet Corn – A menu fully made using sweet corn

Swagat Sweet Corn – A menu fully made using sweet corn
Swagat Sweet Corn – as the name suggests is a restaurant serving everything with corn. Bored with the regular options of the restaurants we normally visit for Punjabi cuisine, we chose Swagat Sweet Corn, with some good expectations.

Swagat Sweet Corn was little different from the other Punjabi cuisine restaurants in town with its unique thought of using corn. As good and interesting as it sounds, there’s always a risk of over-doing something. Using corn in majority of dishes, we were looking forward to see whether they became a victim of this risk or not.

Once reaching Swagat Sweet Corn, we had a glance at the menu. The menu was quite good, with most of the food items being the regular ones that we find in most of the Punjabi restaurants. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay, not being too lavishing or stylish – kind of like a regular restaurant.

The one thing we hated was the service of the place. We had to wait for a long time to even get attended by anyone. Also they had just a single person in the entire place for taking orders; on asking for the reason we were told that others were on a leave, not sure how much of it was true though.

Food ordered –

Corn Manchow Soup(90₹) This was one of the weird combinations, mixing Manchow soup with corn? Alas this mixture didn’t turn up to be as good as expectations. Even if corns were removed from the soup and plain Manchow soup had been served, it wouldn’t have been up to the mark. Could be avoided.

Corn Roti:(20₹) Just a fashionable name for Makai di Roti – this was a good serve. Probably the best thing from everything we ordered. With the correct taste, this was a good Corn Roti I had in recent times. Could be tried in place of the regular roti.

Corn Paneer Balti:(190₹) Having the regular Paneer Balti sabzi mixed with corn we were looking forward to this dish. On tasting it, it wasn’t the best one we had, but it wasn’t disappointing as well. It tasted a little bit bland on spicy part, overall it was somewhere above average.

Corn Cheese Butter Masala:(190₹) Hmm, Cheese Butter Masala has always been one of the favorites for the crowd. Because, well, cheese and paneer together! Half of the time when we visit a Punjabi food serving restaurant, we would order this sabzi. And with wishing to try how corn would go with this dish, we ordered this sabzi from the list. It turned out to be a good mix, after all what was thereat lose? With this sabzi, we weren’t disappointed.

Price Range: ₹₹₹

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Swagat Sweet Corn








Value for money



  • Few good dishes using corn
  • A unique try at making a menu creative


  • Poor Service
  • Taste is quite regular
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