RSVP – The Lounge. The first Sports cafe experience

RSVP – The Lounge. The first Sports cafe experience
A Sports cafe is the place to go to if you want to enjoy a live, energetic match with your gang; and RSVP The Lounge serves just the right thing for a match-night.

With the right atmosphere for a live match screening, this place is probably the right place to visit. Also, for quite a long time, RSVP The Lounge was the single sports cafe in city.

Living in Vadodara, there aren’t many sports bar there, so this was our first experience in one. And what other match to enjoy than India v Pakistan. It was an electrifying atmosphere. Crowd was all geared up, cheering Team India, Bleed Blue. We were a little late, the match had already began. Luckily we were able to get a table.

As in any sports bar, they have a fixed price entry that includes the match on projector and food (upto the amount of the ticket). After getting all settled, we began the hunger trials.
We began with mocktails, went through starters, sizzler, platter, cold coffees to dessert. The food there was pretty good. But, the service there was too bad, maybe because of a cricket event and that too Ind v Pak. There were many waiters but none were attentive enough, just running around frantically.

Things we ordered –

Nachos Ultimato : A tasty dish of perfectly cooked Nachos covered with melted cheese and olives sprinkled all over, with spicy salsa sauce on the side. Definitely worth a try.

Paneer Chilly Dry : The all time, most famous of all starters, this dish was also up to the expectations. Crispy rolls with spicy red sauce, this dish was a great start to the evening.

Mushroom Chilly Dry : This was the first time I’d ordered a dish of mushrooms, and to my delight it was good. Perfectly cooked mushrooms with spicy sauce, this dish was a positive surprise.

Chinese Platter : All the chinese cuisines wrapped together in one dish, what’s not to like in. With the right amount of spicy, this platter was a sure try.

Choco Brownie Cold Coffee : A blend of chocolate sauce, tiny pieces of brownie and coffee, this drink was one of the best item of the evening. Definitely worth a try.

Choco Mania with Ice cream : A regular mix of coffee and ice cream, this cold coffee was upto the expectations. A smooth blend of coffee, chocolate sauce and ice cream.

Gulab Jamun with Ice cream : Uh, never have I ever had considered Gulab Jamun this expensive. A dish of two Gulab Jamuns with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a whopping 250 bucks, are you serious? And it wasn’t some some special gulab jamun or any lavish, imported vanilla ice cream, it tasted just regular! Not worth a try.

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Value for money



  • Projector screen for live matches
  • Good Ambience


  • Bad Service
  • Not good value for money
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