Mum’s Cafe – A cozy place with good food

Mum’s Cafe – A cozy place with good food
Mum’s Cafe. This place opened up in the town a few months back. The photos were pretty interesting with a nice interior and comfortable sitting. Since then, I was wanting to visit this place. Since Mum’s cafe was public, it was recieving good response, with packed evenings most of the days.

Recently, I was finally able to visit this place.The place has good interiors, with good quotes and calligraphy and yellow shade lightnings; soothing music playing in the background.  The place looked great with the neatly done arrangements. They also have few games to kill your time waiting while the food is delivered. It is placed right just when you enter.

Mum’s Cafe have a menu with quite some good options. They have got a variety of dishes related to Maggi. So that’s a win if you’re a Maggi lover, like me. Apart from that, the menu is a bit short in terms of variety and food items. They have the usual list of food items that you get – few sandwiches, pizzas, pastas and burgers – with the half of the items being the same found everywhere. Although, they have good options in shakes and beverages.

Food ordered –

Maggi Masala Tikki: (130₹) Going through all the different food items made with Maggi, this was the one that impressed us the most. This took my attention, but after trying it out, it wasn’t that great. It didn’t match the expectations. The tikkis didn’t had the authentic taste of Maggi present. And without that taste, it’s just plain noodles tikki.

Butter Cheesy Corn Pasta: (220₹) Hmm. This was a different type of pasta; something that we don’t see at every other place. But was it the best pasta I’d have? No. The combination of butter and cheese isn’t something that would just not go good with some dishes. And that was the case with this dish. Starting few bites were good, but halfway through, it seemed like the dish will take infinity to complete.

Indian Hot Pizza: (210₹) Mixing a different authenticity dish with flavors of a different authenticity, it takes a lot of work to make it work. It was the same case here. Pizza when mixed with Indian flavors, it then sits on a thin line of being good or bad. They tried to make this dish work out, and honestly, it wasn’t disappointing. It wasn’t the best Indian blended pizza I’ve had, but it was good enough to give a try.

Overall a good place with nice interiors and an above average food.

Price Range: ₹₹₹ – ₹₹₹₹

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