22nd Parallel – The authentic South Indian food in town

22nd Parallel – The authentic South Indian food in town
22nd Parallel is one of those places in town that serve the authentic taste of South Indian cuisine. With an exciting menu, this place serves some unique dishes which you normally don’t get in the city. 22nd Parallel has been famous ever since it opened in Vadodara, with now spread to two outlets – Alkapuri and Karelibaug.

It was a summer afternoon, and one of my friends was leaving for the States. To celebrate his farewell, and to get some time away from the office, we decided to go for lunch. The Sun was playing his game and we weren’t able to decide where to go. Finally we came across 22nd Parallel and settled for it.

The ambience was perfect. It was soothing, with nice interiors and gave the right vibes. The people were welcoming and the service was also good, well most of the time. Since it was lunch time, there wasn’t much waiting, so we selected our seats and settled in. But in normal time there still is a waiting period of nearly an hour. So select your time accordingly.

Majority of the managers and waiters were polite except a few. Although one instance was something unexpected from this place – one of the guys taking orders was too self-occupied to serve the customers. When asked for an extra Paratha, he mentioned the price of it in such a rude tone as if he only was able to afford it. Not the way to serve the customers!

Food ordered –

Guntur Idli: (₹85) Fried idlis are always the best. This dish presented one of the best idlis I have had. It has the correct amount of masaledaar and softness. It is served with two different types of chutneys along with sambaar. Recommended.

Set Dosa with Kurma(₹95) This dish is something different than what I have tried among the South Indian cuisine in Vadodara. It’s made from rice and black lentils. something that you do not find in most of the South Indian restaurants here. Served in small round shapes alongside spiced curry, this is one of the best dishes of 22nd Parallel. Although the curry was a bit too oily, but the taste was good.

Pudina Masala Dosa(₹85) Now you go to a South Indian restaurant and don’t order a Dosa? C’mon. One of the best dosas from the menu, this one is the regular masala dosa mixed with pudina paste. The pudina taste makes this dosa even better. Served with two different types of chatnis along with sambaar, I loved this Dosa. Recommended.

Malabar Paratha with Kurma: (₹95) Crispy Parathas served with Kurma – a spicy curry, this dish too was something different than the usual South Indian menu here in Vadodara. Although it didn’t taste that bad, I wasn’t much impressed with this dish. The curry served is same as the one served with Set Dosa. Also, ₹50 for an extra paratha seemed a little over.

Idiyappam with Kadlai Curry: (₹100) Again, a unique South Indian dish to try out, this dish is basically steamed noodles made of rice flour. Taking a lot of time to cook, I had to wait for quite a while before this was served on my table. Served with curry, which is basically chana gravy, this dish didn’t leave up to the expectations created. The mixture of steamed plain noodles with curry wasn’t fulfilling.

Overall, if you are looking for some good South Indian food then this place is undoubtedly the place to visit.

Price Range : ₹₹₹

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Happy Eating!


22nd Parallel








Value for money



  • Authentic Taste
  • Wide range of options in menu
  • Value for money


  • Long waiting time
  • For few items you need to wait quite a long time
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